MoorePark Enterprises LLC was established in 2017 to manage a group of companies that are in business with a purpose of giving back. The MoorePark Charitable Foundation will be set up to provide music-related scholarships to high school students. The companies of MoorePark Enterprises LLC will, in part, fund the foundation for that purpose.  These companies include InfoPrincess Graphics, MoorePark Orchards, Moore Associates Group, Liquid Chocolate MD and Used Jewels. Each company will commit a minimum of 15% of their profits to the Charitable Foundation.  MoorePark Enterprises hopes to give their first scholarships in mid-2018.

MoorePark Enterprises LLC is named after the much-loved property owned by the company’s owners, located in the Northern California area of Sacramento County.

Where it all started

In 2013, MoorePark saw its first Concert In The Park, where special guests Saxophonist Shawn Raiford of The Shawn Raiford Experience and vocalist Dallis performed.  It was this small but powerful concert that gave birth to the idea of using MoorePark and its resources to help with scholarships for college-bound high school students.

Music is a big part of the daily activities that happen in MoorePark and music is a big part of people’s lives around the world.  With music and many other arts programs no longer available in schools, we want to do our part to help those who are interested and pursuing an education in music arts.


By supporting our group of companies, you help us to help students who want to study music in college.  A portion of the profits from all our companies will go directly to the MoorePark Charitable Foundation.

MoorePark Enterprises LLC   916.706.1155
InfoPrincess Graphics               916.304.2881 / InfoPrincess.com
Liquid Chocolate MD                  530.830.2881
MoorePark Orchards &
Moore Associates Group         916.594.7751
Used Jewels                                    916.304.2881 / UsedJewels.com