Welcome to MoorePark Enterprises

MoorePark is a place of beauty, peace, and all types of gatherings.  It’s home to doves, quail, hummingbirds, a cottontail and one very special dog named Luke.

MoorePark Enterprises LLC was created in 2016 to assist small business owners by providing vital business services, including Corporate Filings, Compliance Document Filings, Registered Agent Services, Business Consulting, Social Media Marketing, Website Development and Printed Marketing Materials.

An important part of being in business is keeping your business, as well as your personal properties, safe.  As a Sole Proprietor, you take a big chance with your personal property since any lawsuit against your business, can give the suing party full access to taking everything you own if they win.  By creating a corporation for your business, at minimum an LLC, you create a corporate veil that, when run properly, provides protection for your personal property in case of a lawsuit.

Our staff will sit down with you, discuss your exact plans, needs and goals for your business.  We will handle all document filings and make sure that your company is in full compliance and will remind you when updated documents need to be filed.

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